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Estimates are quoted per lump sum and based on the documents per the estimate quote date and per the scope listed. Any additional scope and/or addenda added after time of quote maybe subjected to additional charges added to final invoice.

New Accounts:

All new accounts are required to pay a deposit depending on size of project, prior to start of estimate.

The deposit amount will be deducted from the over final invoice of estimate.

Payment Terms:

  1. All Payments are due upon receipt of invoice.
  2. Reports/docs/estimate are released via a link to Dropbox and only after final paid invoice is paid in full. Deposits or pre-payments will be deducted from final price.
  3. Disclaimer: All Interior Inc, is not responsible for unclear, poorly designed drawings/specs/docs, errors & omissions per the project design or engineering or labor production or quality of materials. It is yours (client) duty and obligation to review estimate with us and docs along with productions and equipment and professional capabilities via phone or zoom.

All services are non-refundable. All invoicing is done via Zelle or check.

Thank you for trusting us and the opportunity to serve you.

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