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Why Interior Estimating

Why use Interior Estimating for your estimating or consulting?

Our services are trade specific focused to interior construction with our experiences, knowledge, training and track record has always been commercial interior construction behind each estimate. Beginning from the building trades to a plastering, drywall, EIFS, metal stud and acoustical subcontractor. Also, becoming a general contractor self performing the interior construction, we have the edge and expertise!

We have real experience with an incredible database/source from tracking our production for 20 plus years including combined experiences from seasoned professionals. Having actually getting our hands dirty coupled with our experience of running a commercial construction company and competitive bidding with a staff of estimators/manager/superintendents/carpenters.

We promise to always be dedicated and work hard to provide a system that is a value and income producing to you the client. Simply stated, Interior Estimating provides a seamless process that will benefit your bottom line and grow your business. Because outsourcing your construction estimating or consulting with us will increase your volume of work, increase client’s and bring more consistency to bidding and job costing. It will open up more opportunities and expand your company while bringing in new clients along with building your relationships and keeping all your clients happy.

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What is Smart Labor?

Smart labor allows production to automatically adapt to change based on a preset value. For example, if you were painting a wall that was 6 feet high you may be able to paint 10 feet in an hour. Now, if the wall were 8 feet, you would need to move a ladder around. Added time means you only complete 7 feet an hour.

Imagine the estimator whose estimating system, software and system could do all of this math and take-off’s automatically for all of your estimating.

More Smart Features

Trade Specific Language

We speak your language our background is interior construction.

“What if” Analysis

Whether you need to do a value bid or value engineering, change an order or prepare variations of a bid we can do this.

Smart Edits

Do you have changes? We can find and replace and all instances are updated everywhere. For example, if your updating and recalculated wherever it is referenced across the bid.